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Copyright registration

Patent Attorney of Ukraine Oleksandr Kolosov provides services for copyright registration in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

We also are convinced that the Internet is one of the greatest inventions of our time which opens vast opportunities for us. In this regard, the task to obtain state protection for the developed Internet-based technologies as well as software products becomes the agenda.

Depending on how the developed software will be used in conjunction with implementing its equipment, the most effective system of state protection (patent or copyright) may vary.

Copyright is a set of rights of a particular author or his legal successors, or of any other subjects of law regarding to creation and use of scientific, literary or art works.

Copyright is an exclusive right and is regarded as a set of non-property (personal) and property rights of author that he is granted by the law. The author is granted a right to proclaim himself as an author of the work, to make it public, to reproduce, distribute or use the work in any other ways and tools, and to allow the other persons to use it in a determined ways.

Copyright registration in Ukraine - is the process of obtaining the title of protection, namely the Certificate of Registration of the copyright in a work by the state registration at the State Department of Intellectual Property of Ukraine.

The product is any tangible embodiment of the original expressions made by the author. In other words, as these works by copyright may be protected: music, songs, poems, computer programs, transfers, soundtracks, etc.

Today in Ukraine the most demanded is registration of copyright to computer programs, website design, website content, songs, music, poems, books. In addition to the copyright registration, registration of the transfer of copyright to the above mentioned objects of copyright is popular too.

The state registration of copyright in Ukraine is held in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On copyright and related rights” on 23 December 1993 No 3792-12 and the resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on 27.12.2001 No 1756 "About state registration of copyright and contracts relating to the author's right on work".

According to the Ukrainian legislation (as well as in other countries) copyright registration is not required obligatory, and there is protection for the product since its inception.

Types of registration
Registration of the copyright in a work

  • Registration of the copyright in a work
  • Registration of the copyright in an employee's work

Registration of contracts relating to the author's right to work

  • Registration of the contract on transfer (alienation) of property rights in the work
  • Registration of the contract on the transfer of the exclusive right to use the work
  • Registration of the contract on the transfer of non-exclusive right to use the work

(based on the materials of the State Department of Intellectual Property of Ukraine)

Why you may need this service?

  • Frees the author from having to prove his authorship in disputed points as to obtain evidence from the author presumption arises automatically
  • Reinforces and confirms to third party ownership of property rights for a specific author
  • Allows the license agreements for the transfer of copyright
  • Allows you to sell the property rights, i.e. its copyright in a work created
  • Allows you to make the author of a work created in the authorized capital of the company, as well as perform other actions

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The necessary background information
  • Name and type of work
  • Evidence of the fact and date of the publication of the work
  • Date of completion of the work

On physical media (or on electronic):

  • A copy of the product
  • Abstract ‒ up to 500 words

For applicants - national person (in Ukrainian language):

  • The name (for residents of Ukraine)
  • Date and year of birth, telephone number
  • Citizenship
  • Identification code
  • Address of registration (residence permit) with postal index
  • Address for correspondence with postal index

For applicants - juridical person (in Ukrainian language):

  • Applicant(s) full name and address
  • OKPO enterprise, phone
  • Address for correspondence with the postal index
  • Name and position of head
  • Power of Patent Attorney
  • Payment of Patent Attorney honorarium and official fees

Other useful information (depending on the type of work).

Procedural terms of formalization and registration
  • 2 days and more
    Preparation and filing of documents (for an application that does not require processing)
  • 1-2 months
    The decision on copyright registration and entry of information on the issue of certificates in the State Register
  • twice per month
    Publication of data on registration of copyright in the Bulletin
Final result
  • Certificate of registration of copyrights in the work
  • Extract from the State Register
Potential risks
  • Static "photographing" of the object of copyright "as is" at the time of registration without the possibility of its dynamic development in the future
  • The complexity of tracking violations of copyright, especially on the Internet
  • The rapid obsolescence of some copyright objects (computer programs, etc.)
Samples of Certificates on Copyrights of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus

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