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The pace and quality of development of modern civilization, the competitiveness of existing industrial production, the efficiency of the market economy, as well as the socio-economic progress and social welfare improvement is largely dependent on success of the driving force of scientific and technological progress in the form of human creativity. It is thanks to the creator numerous objects of intellectual property (IPO) are created. Therefore, in order to respect the interests of society and the creator the system of IPO state protection was historically established.

At the same time dramatically increasing competition in the domestic and foreign markets, including unfair competition and patent raiding, became inevitable costs of modern civilization. These manifestations are a worldwide problem and are characterized by growth in the number of violations of the IPO rights and the relevant litigations.

It should be noted that peculiarities of some legal norms of existing patent law (both in Ukraine and in the Russian Federation, and in the Republic of Belarus) enable to register on applicant’s name utility model or industrial design of almost any object ― a chair, a wheel, a fork, a spoons etc., and then to demand from their honest manufacturers due royalties on legal grounds. That is why every year an increasing number of countries pay particular attention to preventive measures for solving this problem.

We also are convinced that the Internet is one of the greatest inventions of our time which opens vast opportunities for us. In this regard, the task to obtain state protection for the developed Internet-based technologies as well as software products becomes the agenda.

Depending on how the developed software will be used in conjunction with implementing its equipment, the most effective system of state protection (patent or copyright) may vary.

Patent Attorney of Ukraine Oleksandr Kolosov in terms of a systematic approach applied to the IPO provides the following services:

Our task ― to provide a comprehensive state protection of the results of your intellectual work aimed at the development of scientific and technological innovations or the use of the most effective marketing tools: trademarks, inventions, utility models and industrial designs in order to protect from unfair competitors and to develop your business.

We will do our best to ensure that the rights on intellectual property objects that you have created are under a strong state protection.

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